Lucy & Yak chooses more2!

June 7, 2022 Sophie Colquhoun

Lucy & Yak is an organic and sustainable brand, famous for their iconic, colourful dungarees.

Bold, unisex and ultra comfy, their range has expanded to include trousers, boilersuits, dresses, leggings, T-shirts, and fleeces.

It all began when Lucy and Chris, Founders of Lucy & Yak, started selling vintage clothes from their 'clothing hub' van (Yak) when they had an idea to create their dungarees. After finding their business partner Ismail, they created 30 pairs together. They were hugely popular and sold out within hours, and the rest is history!

About Lucy & Yak 

Lucy & Yak is driving the comfort movement forward, finding the comfiest, organic fabrics to create shapes, styles, and prints to suit everyone.

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