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This Works is a multichannel, international beauty brand.

We work with the team to super-charge their ecommerce business, growing direct sales and building strong personal relationships with their customers.

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In detail

Strategic growth planning

Using customer data, we create robust customer-centric growth plans

Acquisition strategies

Establishing profitable acquisition costs and acquiring high-value customers

Customer retention

Optimising contact strategies to increase customer retention rates

Average order value

Nurturing customer relationships to increase AOVs and customer value

Mailing programmes

Driving new customer acquisition through effective cold mailing campaigns

The Results

Cold mailings: More than 4x more new customers profitably acquired in the first year.

Bigger database: We have grown This Works' marketable customers database by 4x since we started working together.

Direct sales are booming: So far, our relationship has driven 5x more direct sales.

Consistent growth: Year on year, we consistently increase the volume of new customers – and profits.

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