How are health and beauty brands increasing Customer Lifetime Value?

People are more willing than ever to spend on health and beauty,  with studies predicting an 8.8% rise in spending by 2024. There’s also been a 6% jump in people trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, meaning wellness-focused products are becoming more popular and in high-demand.

So, how do you keep engaged customers loyal with so much competition, and how do you capture the attention of people who just want the latest trending product.


Predictability is profitability

Consumers behave in predictable ways. We help you understand and harness these patterns, simultaneously delivering a more involving experience for customers and greater lifetime value for the business.

Customers are 90% more likely to buy back into the same category in their 2nd order than to trial a new category


We build customer insights along several axes – underlying shopping behaviour, product interests, and marketing engagement. Understanding your customers on this level enables you to make more confident decisions when it comes to forecasting for stock, budgeting for growth, and optimising your marketing investment.


Your customers expect more from you

How do we improve our customer experience?

The solution doesn’t start with technology – the how. It starts with the why and when – a practical understanding of what customers expect from you, based on the data you’ve collected from them. 

With the demise of 3rd party pixel targeting, your 1st party data is now pivotal to your success, but customers will only grant you their data if you can prove it fuels a better experience.

Through 1st party data, we optimise your contact strategies, optimise your replenishment campaigns and drive profitable, scalable acquisition whilst always looking for relevance and benefit for your customer.

On average, 2 out of 3 new customers will never buy again


Influencer-led brands with large social media followings can struggle to convert their followers into customers and don’t see the long term sales you want or would expect. more2 find your most valuable prospects, nurtures the relationship with them through effective communications, and increases their customer lifetime value, taking your business to the next level.

How will you invest to create life-long fans of your brand?

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