Mastering Customer Economics
and Digital Channels for growth

Don't Miss our two Peak Edition sessions, where we focus on strategies, tactics and timing to maximise results during the peak retail season from September to January

The Teach-In is an invite-only online Masterclass for ambitious brands

In the current economic climate, customers are more demanding than ever - you have to somehow achieve more with less. In working with over 200 brands and retailers, we hear a few consistent questions from the board:

How much can I afford to spend on marketing to ensure I’m not holding back our growth AND be confident it’s still profitable?

How can I ensure we get incremental performance through digital channels and focus in the right places?

How can I align marketing, finance and product teams around a single set of goals that empower each of them?

We answer with a proven commercial framework to help you become more profitable and grow sustainably; a foundation for more than just marketing – for the whole business. 

What you'll take away

You'll gain fresh perspectives on how to: 

  • Link marketing performance directly to business results
  • Prioritise activities according to customer value and, ultimately, bottom line profits
  • Direct your digital marketing spend to where you'll get the greatest incremental return
  • Understand the roles of creative, brand, experimentation and full funnel marketing in driving growth
  • Develop an accurate multi-year growth forecast
  • Challenge and support your digital marketing team and agencies
  • Understand what to measure and what to ignore

The more2 Teach-In has two halves. In the first, we share how to harness the power of customer data to acquire more of the right customers and improve their loyalty. In the second, we focus on digital strategy, covering the main platforms and the critical activities that will set you ahead of your competitors. We consider the whole customer experience, and how to better structure and support the marketing organisation.

Exclusive - Peak Edition Teach-In

For companies with a strong seasonal peak during September to January, we will share insights from across our retail and ecommerce community. We'll adapt the second half of the session to share a playbook for a successful peak, covering key trends, timing, offers, consumer expectations and more. Places will be limited, so please signup early!

20 years experience, growing over 200 brands, distilled into 2 hours? Yes please...

Relevant for brands of all sizes

The Teach-In was  created for Founders, Directors, and Senior Leaders of brands who have a direct relationship with their customers. From travel and fashion to food and beauty – this webinar shows you how to use your customer economics for profitable growth. These are just a few of the brands who have joined up to now. You'll be in good company!


After the Teach-In you'll be able to:

Use customer economics to set the right marketing budget and build your online sales and marketing plan  

Apply a holistic understanding of digital channels, creatives and measurement to invigorate your digital strategy

Set priorities across the whole of the customer experience taking into account the latest best practice

Build a decision-making framework for performance marketing investment and structure your team to achieve better outcomes

"The best presentation of the relationship between the
maths and magic of marketing I have ever had."
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Meet your presenters

Kevin and Matt are both actively involved in the day to day success of our clients.
They take turns to host the Teach-In but the content is common to both.

KevD_TIKevin Davis, Chief Data Scientist

Kevin has over 20 years' experience in the retail and DTC sector, in both consultancy and client-side roles ranging from small start-ups to FTSE 100 retailers. Kevin provides first hand experience of helping businesses leverage data for strategic advantage. 

Matt_TI_smlMatthew Legge, Client Strategy Director

Matt has spent 15 years working clientside for major retailers and is now in his 7th year with more2. At M&S, Brighthouse and ELC, Matt focused on driving loyalty and maximising customer value and now leads on strategy for some of more2's largest clients