Paid Social that Recruits
The Right Customers

more2 have had a dedicated Paid Social team for over 7 years and are a long established Meta Business Partner. Here are a few reasons our clients trust us for their paid social:

Deep experience with brands like yours

Our dedicated team work exclusively with retail and direct brands, so we have proven strategies for every scale of business, both nationally and internationally. You can see some of our clients below.

Like you, we are Full Stack Marketers

We are paid social specialists, but working as part of a total digital marketing solution spanning strategy, creative, brand, data, measurement, performance and performance and trading.
We think holistically.

Setup to win

Success in the auctions depends on feeding the best data to the algorithms, which means having a perfect pixel, API and audience setup. We find that 8 out of 10 clients that we audit have compromised setup or campaign structures. We fix it all.

Experts with expert resources

You work directly with experienced paid social experts, using the world’s leading Paid Social marketing platform, Smartly to give us more sophisticated tools and insights than working natively in Instagram or TikTok for example.

Creative on your terms

Whilst most of our clients have in-house creative, we offer a fully managed service including creative should you need. Either route works seamlessly with campaign insights and best practice driving creative direction and an ongoing test and learn plan.

Driven by customer insight 

We live and breathe customer data, so we’re ideally suited to audience-led platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat. We help you truly understand what your best customers look like and how to find more like them.

We open more doors

We draw on experts from within Meta, TikTok, Smartly and from across more than 800 digital practitioners within our group to support you. Our strong partnerships give you access to Beta programmes and media rebates where available. Beyond this, we regularly organise events to encourage our clients and network to learn from each other. You'll see just a few of them below.

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