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Why did hush hire us?


hush came to more2 to get better at leveraging the main growth drivers in their business: cold catalogue mailing and new customer acquisition.

In our 10 years working together, we have revolutionised and scaled the business using data and insight-led mailings, email, paid social and paid search.

hush leverage main growth drivers

In detail


Scale mailings by 10x to optimise customer acquisition and retention campaigns

Growth strategy

Create data-driven growth strategies to align the business around the metrics that really matter


Accurate, measurable sales forecasting gives the team confidence to invest

Data-driven decisions

Draw deep-level insight from customer data to give deeper understanding of customer behaviour

Digital growth

Create targeted, measurable Paid Search and Paid Social campaigns to drive growth within allowable costs

The results

Direct growth: Over the last 3 years, direct business has grown at an average of 40% per year.

Holistic marketing mix: hush's teams have a true understanding of the incremental impact of their marketing activities.

Clarity: Robust forecasting gives hush the confidence to invest in greater stock volumes.

Hush results

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