Strategic insights and

profitable mailings at WoolOvers

In partnership since 2018



revenue growth over 6 years


new customers recruited

over 100

catalogue mailings managed

WoolOvers is a British lifestyle brand based in the South Downs. They have been designing and selling natural knitwear since 1989.

The founders believed in the virtue of nature’s finest fibres such as cashmere, merino and lambswool that are durable, hypoallergenic, heat regulating and above all naturally biodegradable. Thirty-two years later, they are still passionate about slow fashion that is natural and sustainable and their ethos is still to tread lightly on the planet.

We are in our sixth year of working together, providing an end to end service spanning customer data, insights and campaign execution.


In detail



Becoming more profitable by focusing investment on the right customers


Accurate, measurable sales forecasting gives the team confidence to invest


Developed progressively more optimised mailing strategy to maintain growth AND efficiency

Data-driven decisions

Draw deep-level insight from customer data to give deeper understanding of customer behaviour

What WoolOvers most value:

Reinforcing the team: WoolOvers are a small, busy team - they really appreciate that we work closely with both marketing and finance, from a strategic perspective and in getting things done.

Mailing operations: We take most of the operational burden of frequent, complex mailings, from planning and lists outputs through to analysis.

Industry experience: We benchmark all key metrics to highlight opportunities, and share the benefit of seeing what's working for a hundred other brands.


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