For fashion brands to acquire lifelong fans, it’s all about relevance

A quick scroll on social media and you’ll see reels upon reels of fashion, from try-ons to hauls to recommendations. The fashion industry has changed drastically, and it can be hard for brands to keep up - how do you prove to customers that you’re more than just another clothing brand?


Customers are starting to shop differently; they’re looking at your sustainability credentials but they also want affordability; they want trend-led fashion, and they want it in time for their event in two days’ time. They want amazing customer experiences, online or in your store. It’s hard to keep up.


Loyalty starts with knowing your customer

more2 provide a single customer view so you get actionable real-time insights into customer behaviour and value, making it easier for you to make effective data-driven decisions. But this isn’t just another tech solution – this is an end to end service from how you structure the data, through to insight and then to pragmatic application. Data is an enabler but choosing the what, how and when is informed by our hundreds of years of collective experience. It’s a discussion, not toggling some feature on or off.

Did you know that customers' Lifetime Value can vary by up to 50% based on the first channel they bought from?


...and then proving it

Relevance should simply feel like a great customer experience – you seem to design products just for me! A recent Adobe report found that 76% of people view themselves as individuals with a unique mix of tastes. Your customers expect you to tailor and personalise their experience, ensuring you offer products they truly want to buy, increasing their order frequency and Lifetime Value.

Customers are 90% more likely to buy back into the same category in their 2nd order than to trial a new category


With the right application of your data, you can be relevant from the first ad they see. We work with you to build your brand presence and broaden your brand appeal via performance marketing, using predicted future value to invest wisely in targeted and measurable Paid Search and Paid Social campaigns.

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