Omnichannel retailers are seeing the high street recover. 
Here’s how we’re helping

Today’s consumers expect every high street retailer to be equally adept at retailing online, and to deliver a seamless experience across all channels. Our starting point is a Single Customer View (SCV) that links every customer interaction back to their unique record. So you understand where they shopped first, their lifetime value, proximity to store and so much more.

An emailable customer is worth up to 50% more over a 12 month period


When your customers visit the store, how are you recognising them? Are you able to send a prompt followup when they buy? We work with your store teams to maximise point of sale data capture and extend the brand experience across digital channels. It’s at these critical moments when a first time customer can become a loyal fan. Most customers will stay in the channel they first purchased but digital can be a powerful driver of footfall.

Customers are channel loyal - on average less than 20% of a brand’s customers will shop across multiple channels in their lifetime (web and retail)


Customers reward relevance with loyalty

Are you really using all you know about your customers to tailor their experience? Most brands are falling short of their ambitions, whether due to data issues, platform integration or experience of what good looks like. We’re helping large scale retailers across multiple categories deliver a personalised experience from their first interaction.

This means building meaningful segments of your customers, and then enabling every channel and message to talk to those segments. We’re driving structured data into Google, social platforms, email, catalogue mailings and more to enable that consistent, personal experience regardless of channel.

We’ve quantified the impact of more personalised messaging, and it is significant. We also know what’s worth segmenting for message variants, and what’s not.


Increased complexity brings increased risk

With downward pressure on price due to the cost of living crisis and upward pressure on costs, your business has more risk to manage than ever. Forecasts must be accurate so you buy in the right quantities. Channel investments must meet their acquisition targets. Auction-based ads on Google and Instagram must compete effectively and scale predictably. Promotional decisions must drive incremental spend, not give away margin.

From decision to action, you rely on your customer database to mitigate risk. And the collection and processing of data in secure, compliant ways can be either a risk or a competitive edge. We help over 100 brands like yours harness their customer data for the best decisions. And then we apply our 20 years of learning what makes retailers successful to advise on the best decision for your current situation. 

Learn how omnichannel brands like yours are creating loyalty by better understanding their customers

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