Kit & Kin partners with more2

May 5, 2022 Sophie Colquhoun

Kit & Kin offers families a range of safe, eco-friendly and affordable products that are better for you and better for the environment.

Kit & Kin was founded in 2017 by Emma Bunton and Christopher Money who struggled to find products that didn’t irritate their children’s skin and were inspired to develop a natural, gentle and sustainable alternative for families - and from this Kit & Kin was born.

Georgina Hewitt, CEO of more2 said: "We're honoured to be growth partners to Kit & Kin and helping create even better customer experiences for parents." 

About Kit & Kin 

Kit & Kin's range of baby products are award-winning, sustainable, and high performance. 

About more2 

We partner with over 100 retail and D2C brands to help them grow faster, putting customers at the heart of every decision. Our expert teams use data and integrated marketing campaigns to drive sustained revenue growth.

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