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January 22, 2021 Sorcha OBoyle

The retail industry continues to trade through extraordinary conditions. And extraordinary conditions call for extraordinary thinking.

more2 is delighted to partner with the British Retail Consortium to develop a 3-part learning programme to equip retail leaders with practical skills they need to understand customer behaviour and improve commercial performance.

more2 CEO and founder, Kevin McSpadden, will guide CEOs, CFOs, board members and senior leaders through a detailed, innovative, and interactive course that will enable retail brands to deliver a digital-led, D2C transformation. Linking customer behaviour with commercial performance (without the jargon), alumni will learn the proven method crafted over 27 years and with 200 retail brands.

‘We only partner with the very best and we are delighted to be working with more2,’ said Lucy Crowther, Director of BRC Learning. ‘more2 have a long and successful history of helping retailers of all sizes adapt to the market and harness their customer data for growth. They bring clarity and pragmatism and deliver transformational results. I really like the way they work and engage, no fluff, no padding – just really good commercial content.”

Retailers today face 3 critical challenges:

  1. Data overload: Retail businesses generate a large amount of data both in store and online. But a lack of knowledge of best practice combined with complex structural/technical hurdles mean that few are able to build a granular, joined-up view of each individual customer. Even fewer can link customer behaviour with the bottom line, despite this being the foundation to good performance tracking, commercial decisioning, and campaign targeting.
  2. Silo’d thinking: Retailers typically collect and use customer data and metrics within just one or two functional silos. Otherwise, departmental KPIs are often unrelated to customer value compromising teams’ ability to work cross-functionally and drive business growth and profitability.
  3. Pandemic pressures: The pandemic has highlighted the importance of having a strong data driven omnichannel retail proposition.  Even mature retailers with large customer bases are struggling to compete with the established online players. They need a way to harness their customer data to improve marketing and deliver a better experience both online and offline.

What you’ll learn

Your customer is your key economic unit and your most important growth driver. Using a holistic, pragmatic approach, you will learn to:

  1. Objectively evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing at a high level by linking marketing metrics directly to financial measures.
  2. Frame long term business goals and forecasts using customer data and customer-centric metrics.
  3. Apply your unique customer economics to align your organisation around customer volume and value.
  4. Apply the 5 pillars of Digital Transformation to your business.
  5. Build a 5-year economic operating model to give you confidence in your investment.
  6. Align your team so everyone behaves like the Chief Customer Officer

Programme participants will take part in two interactive virtual workshops and will be given detailed takeaways and additional interactive content including videos, questionnaires, and suggested actions. 2 months after the course, participants will take part in an hour-long 1-1 consultation with Kevin to discuss their implementation of the course learnings and any additional support they may require.

The programme is the product of a lifetime’s experience in helping retail brands to grow. Underpinning the most successful brands in the market is a single-minded clarity of purpose and a relentless focus on the customer. By harnessing the potential of your customer database and aligning your business around your customer economics, you can be the catalyst for transformation in your brand.

The world is changing.

You can lead the change.

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