Digital Performance Masterclass: Digital Dos and Don’ts

May 20, 2021 Sorcha OBoyle

Curiosity is an important weapon in the marketer’s arsenal. Marketers tend to be inquisitive, creative (and competitive!) people who enjoy learning new theories, strategies and ways of working. That’s why more2 recently launched our Summer Workshop Series for senior brand-side marketers to share our experiences and learnings – and to share what works and what doesn’t.

This week’s session was a Digital Performance Masterclass led by more2’s CMO and Digital Director, Chris Simpson, who presented an in-depth workshop on all things measurement, incrementality, and data, as well as a quick flick through some examples of the best creative out there right now.

Couldn’t make it to today’s session?

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Otherwise, read on below for a few of the actionable insights…

1. Incrementality is everything

It’s not a new word in the world of digital marketing but incrementality testing is the gold standard when it comes to proving the true value of your marketing activity. Not only does it give your team confidence in the long-term impact of their work (thereby allowing more upper-funnel performance activity), it’s also a crucial metric to share with Finance.

As Google Analytics and Facebook attribute sales differently, they will give slightly different versions of the truth so it’s important that you have confidence in the metrics you’re measuring – and why you’re measuring them! Once you can pinpoint the precise contribution of a campaign, you and your team can scale appropriately by channel.

2. Legitimate interest

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest differences. Time and again, we come across brands asking for consent to market to their customer – the people who have bought and demonstrated huge interest in your brand and products!

Asking for legitimate interest (opt-out) rather than consent (opt-in) is a simple change that will give you 3-5x more customers to market to.

3. Digital doesn’t exist in a vacuum

While the focus of the session was on digital channels, it’s important to remember that marketing activity is an ecosystem. Online and offline channels have to work hand in hand, meaning that if you’re not feeding your in-store data in Facebook you’re leaving money on the table. Equally, you should be thinking about feeding your local store inventory into Google Shopping so you can target customers with deals and offers available on their local High Street. The vast majority of customers shop across multiple channels so you need to make sure that you’re marketing to them across those channels too!

4. Your Facebook pixel is crucial

Only 18% of brands have their Facebook pixel set up correctly.

What does that mean? For some, this means their product catalogue isn’t linked to Facebook so Facebook’s AI can’t personalise ads. For others, there’s a problem with the Add to Cart button, meaning that Facebook can’t prioritise ads for products in abandoned baskets. Others have multiple pixels firing at once which means that Facebook can’t get an accurate picture of where a customer is in their customer journey. Whatever the issue, it needs to be fixed. At more2, we offer free Facebook pixel and campaign audits for brands so if you think yours has a problem, drop us a line at!

As marketers, we need to be able to get on with machines; from accurately measuring incrementality to bidding on the best audiences across Google and Facebook, AI is one of our most powerful tools. But we also need to be able to ask (and answer!) the human questions so we can accurately measure incrementality and prove that our campaigns are delivering real uplift.


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