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CEO teach-in: Next session 23 Jan


Helen Barclay


Sep 27, 2019

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5 Minutes


Next session date: 23rd January 2020

Retail has never been more competitive or complex.

The new consumer economy demands digital proficiency. As a result, having a true understanding of the metrics of online marketing and direct growth drivers has never been more important.

With this in mind, our CEO, Kevin McSpadden, has been running a series of intimate teach-ins exclusively for retail CEOs, sharing learning from our 17 years in business helping 120+ retailers thrive in the ever-changing climate.

Our sessions enable you to meet and share ideas with each other in a confidential and closed group.

The teach-in is a free-of-charge breakfast session lasting 2.5 hours – you’ll be back in the office by lunch time. It’s a great opportunity to network and build relationships with your peers and at the very least you’ll leave with a few new ideas or with some questions answered.

Base topics are:

  • The online/direct growth drivers.
  • Understanding customer economics and how to use this information to make better marketing investment decisions.
  • Why focusing on ROI ratios is reducing your potential to grow quickly and profitably and why you should be thinking differently.
  • Common executional mistakes we see which damage performance.
  • Why Google and Facebook are so important to your business.
  • Why digital performance marketing machine learning demands different thinking.
  • How your customer base can give you an unfair advantage in digital channels.
  • Measuring performance when each channel takes too much credit.
  • Taking each customer on a personally-relevant journey from discovery to purchase.
  • Lots of Q&A and whatever else you want to discuss.

Our next session in London is on 23rd January, but we hold these sessions quarterly. If you are interested in attending, please  contact and we will be in touch very soon to arrange a space that suits your diary.

“The Teach-In with more2 is a great opportunity for any business leader. It leaves you with a solid grounding in the KPI’s of e-commerce and, more importantly, helps you to know what are the right questions to ask in your business so that you can maximise every pound you spend on marketing. The experts from more2 can give you much of what you need to know in just a couple of hours – well worth the time investment.” 

Louise Barnes (Investor Director, Beaufort & Blake)

“My first ‘learning forum’ for CEO’s. This felt rather like going back to school for a few hours, with all the best teachers, and I left feeling suitably motivated and enlightened. A real luxury to have the more2 senior team explaining and challenging all the latest trends in consumer data analytics and selling.” 

Robbie Feather (CEO, Fenwicks)

“The best 4-hour teach-in that I have had!  I learned a whole new, exciting way to develop and grow a business that feels really relevant, sustainable and intelligent.  The session was rich in insights and actionable content with clear pointers on how to re-orient activities, marketing investment and measurement to drive a more robust and successful business.” 

Meg Lustman (Former CEO, Hobbs)

“The CEO Teach in session was the best 4 hours I have invested in a very long time understanding the key drivers within digital commerce and marketing. Industry jargon was demystified, with clear insight into what CEO’s and boards should focus on, and as importantly what they shouldn’t. More2 created a safe forum where you could ask any question.”

Ian Watson (CEO, Hotter Shoes)

“Kevin and his team at More2 delivered a great overview of digital marketing which was informative, thought -provoking, and interactive. The session has helped improve my knowledge and dispel many myths, and l now feel equipped to ask the pertinent questions. I would encourage anyone seeking a greater understanding of digital marketing to engage with Kevin and his team as it is very beneficial.” 

Paula Stewart (CEO, Warehouse)

“Thank so much for hosting the CEO Teach-In. It was amazing to have all of your 17 years of experience and knowledge streamlined into a 3 hour of presentation. I thought it was amazing and also in such an open forum environment where you were able to ask any questions, however obvious they seemed! Your team really gave me food for thought on our business strategy and we will be looking at what learnings we can take into the business straight away. “ 

Oriele Frank (CEO, Elemis)

“The CEO Teach In was eye opening in that it challenges the existing way of growing your business digitally and is focused on delivering increased focus of marketing spend whilst still accelerating growth.  My Finance Director has already been signed up to deepen the understanding on how this could be implemented in our business!” 

Chris Tattersall (CEO, The Woolroom)

“So often you leave sessions like this having learnt something new, but this was so much more. You leave with a real understanding of how you can apply this knowledge to all aspects of your business. Clever, insightful and supportive. A big thank you to the More2 team.” 

Kate Tansley (CEO, Start Rite)

“A clear and informative briefing condensing the team’s years of experience into an extremely illuminating and inspirational few hours. I learnt a great deal in a short space of time and came away with a much clearer idea what questions we need to be asking of any marketing initiative.” 

Charles Lea (CEO, Lea & Sanderman)

“Your team created a very relaxed environment for the delegates to share openly and to ask the questions that many of us were probably thinking.  I probably absorbed and took more away from that 4 hours than I have in my many years in retail, which is great and scary at the same time!” 

Sam Harrison (CEO, Pure Collection)

“An insightful course which started off with the foundation blocks of e-commerce and marketing spend and ended up with killer questions to give to the team once I returned to the office. An incredibly useful morning – thank you!” 

Richard Holmes (CEO,

“Impressive group of CEO’s and great for networking. The morning delivered interesting and ready to apply information in a well-paced structure. I would recommend to any business looking for growth in todays changing business climate.” 

Caspar Rose (CEO, Fresh Fitness Food)

“The CEO teach in was great for lifting the curtain on many of the important developments from the key digital marketing players over the last few years. It also provided a really great way to see the bigger picture of identification and targeting methods for the customers we are able to best serve and thus deliver most value.” 

Tom Marchment (CEO, The Rider Firm/Hunt Bike Wheels)

“Very professional and well thought-out. Also a great networking opportunity amongst impressive CEOs and business-leaders.” 

Alessandro Savelli (CEO, Pasta Evangelists)

“I learnt more about digital marketing in one morning than in 8 years running the business.” 

Libby Hart (CEO, Libby London)

“A master class in Marketing!”

Drogo Montagu (CEO, Fine Food Specialist)


Helen Barclay


Sep 27, 2019

read time

5 Minutes