Strategic direction
and execution for 


The difference we make



forecasting error margin


incremental mailing uplift

What we do

Dynamic communications

Set revenue targets using customer data and industry benchmarking

Growth strategies

Develop and execute holistic marketing strategies to deliver sustainable growth

Proved mailing efficacy

Acquire profitable new customers by testing and proving cold mailing strategies

Customer retention

Optimising email and housefile mailing campaigns to increase retention rates

Analysis and reporting

Measure and demonstrate incremental marketing impact

WEX needed to understand how customers were shopping across different products and brands to inform dynamic customer communications strategies and increase retention rates. 

wex dynamic communication

The Results

Point of lapse communications: Targeted communications strategies drive a 20% uplift in response rate and reduce customer lapsing.

Forecasting: Enhanced understanding of customers' behaviour enables us to build accurate forecasting models, giving WEX confidence in their sales plans and enabling long-term planning and growth.

wex results


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