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Hotter is a fantastic British footwear brand selling comfortable footwear to a core audience of 55+ shoppers. With 60 years of history behind them, Hotter is the largest footwear manufacturer in the UK, selling in stores nationwide and online across the UK, Europe, and the US.

Hotter has faced the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic head-on and successfully migrated customers online to become a truly digital business with a smaller store footprint but no loss in profit.


Traditionally, Hotter was a classic mail-order direct marketer and was very dependent on its core existing customers. We have helped the team to broaden their brand appeal and grow the  customer database through robust testing and measurement of new acquisition audiences.

Hotter used the Covid-19 pandemic to supercharge the brand's digital transformation, turning their stores into experiential spaces and fueling huge growth on online channels through new customer acquisition. 

hotter online growth

The results

Digital transformation

80% of revenue now comes from digital channels, up from 20%

Improved mailing selection

Better customer segmentation drives higher response rates

Cost-saving mailings

Robust testing and measurement drive better mailings

Sustainable growth

Huge ROI growth across email, mailings, and social channels

Data-driven decisions

Deeper customer understanding enables the the team to make the right decisions for Hotter

Victoria Betts, Chief Commercial Officer, Hotter Shoes

The difference we make

Digital transformation: Hotter have transformed their business to drive 80% of their revenue from digital channels. 

Ecommerce growth: The brand's digital transformation and pivot to ecommerce channels has fueled a transformation for Hotter's profit. The brand is now spending 10 times more on digital channels than before they partnered with more2, which drives sustainable, profitable growth, despite a smaller store footprint.

Confidence and clarity: Robust analytics from more2's single customer view equips Hotter with actionable real-time insights into customer behaviour and value, enabling the team to make better, data-driven decisions. 

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