FatFace engages more2

July 29, 2021 Sorcha OBoyle

Founded in 1988, FatFace is synonymous with effortless British style and an unfaltering focus on quality. more2 is proud to have been chosen to support the FatFace team on their mission to deliver the exceptional products and service beloved by their customers.

“We’re delighted that the FatFace team has chosen more2 as their partner,” said Kevin McSpadden, Founder of more2. “FatFace is brilliant brand with a very talented team and we’re extremely proud to be working with them.”

About more2

We work with over 100 brands to provide confidence in their marketing strategy and accountability in its delivery. Our client directors are industry veterans, trusted mentors and expert advisors all rolled into one. Our technical delivery teams specialise in applying customer data to drive sustained revenue growth for retailers, ecommerce and any business selling direct to their customers. 

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