Millican chooses more2

May 20, 2021 Sorcha OBoyle

Millican, the sustainable rucksack and accessories brand, has engaged more2 to support its growth plans.

Born as the result of a chance meeting on the border of Ecuador and Peru (yes, really), Millican creates beautiful, practical, and sustainable bags and accessories made for travel. Inspired by and named after Millican Dalton, the brand is on a mission to help customers experience the freedom of meaningful travel, make leaps of faith, and forge their own paths. With a genuine passion for their customer, product, and mission, the team at Millican are leading the business into its next phase and more2 is delighted to be part of their journey.

‘Millican is a brand that truly believes in its mission,’ said Kevin McSpadden, founder and CEO of more2. ‘The team have a fantastic product and understand exactly what their customers need. They live by their ethos and really care about the sustainability of their product – the brand was built to create beautiful, sustainable products and they do it brilliantly. We’re excited to work with Millican as they grow and are thrilled that they’ve chosen more2 as their partner.’


About Millican

Founded in 2008, Millican is on a mission to inspire, to open hearts and minds, and to make travel a more meaningful part of everyday life. Inspired by the life of Millican Dalton, the eccentric pioneer and gentle maverick who rejected the urban lifestyle of the early 1900s in favour of the Lake District, Millican encourages people to find the playfulness and peace they may have lost somewhere along the way.

About more2

We work with over 100 brands to provide confidence in their marketing strategy and accountability in its delivery. Our client directors are industry veterans, trusted mentors and expert advisors all rolled into one. Our technical delivery teams specialise in applying customer data to drive sustained revenue growth for retailers, ecommerce and any business selling direct to their customers. 

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