Kettlewell Colours retains more2

May 20, 2021 Sorcha OBoyle

Founded in 2004, Kettlewell Colours (like most great brands) was born from a feeling of frustration. Founder Melissa Nicholson could only find clothes in bright colours during the spring and summer months – come wintertime, most brands sold subdued, dark colours that drained rather than complimented her skin tone. To solve the problem, she launched Kettlewell Colours with her husband John, an online solution to a problem that frustrated her and, as it turned out, many thousands of other women too.

Now, Kettlewell Colours works with women to help them identify the colours and shapes that work for them and find clothes to match. With detailed, personalised recommendations for their customers, Kettlewell Colours is a unique business built on true passion for the customer and the product.

‘We’ve been working with Kettlewell Colours since 2015 and we’re delighted that they’ve decided to renew with us again,’ said Kevin McSpadden, CEO and founder of more2. ‘Melissa and John are a great team to work with and we’ve loved seeing the business grow and thrive so we’re really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the brand.’


About Kettlewell Colours

Kettlewell Colours helps their customers to find the colours and shapes that suit them best. Whether you’re a winter or a summer person, Kettlewell can help you find the styles and shades to suit you – all year round!

About more2

We work with over 100 brands to provide confidence in their marketing strategy and accountability in its delivery. Our client directors are industry veterans, trusted mentors and expert advisors all rolled into one. Our technical delivery teams specialise in applying customer data to drive sustained revenue growth for retailers, ecommerce and any business selling direct to their customers. 

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