Freddie’s Flowers engages more2 to support profitable growth

December 8, 2020 Sorcha OBoyle

Freddie’s Flowers has engaged more2 to support their ambitious growth plans and their mission to deliver gloriously fresh, hand-cut flowers to homes all over the UK and beyond.

With their beautiful products, quirky brand and ability to adapt quickly to a changing market, the team at Freddie’s Flowers have created a leading brand with a strong and loyal customer base. Following a year which has seen huge growth in new customers, Freddie’s Flowers is set to become a household name.

From humble beginnings his parents’ shed, Freddie’s Flowers was founded in 2014 by Freddie Garland (yes, really) and is now a market leader operating in both the UK and Germany. The small but talented in-house team has steered the company to huge success and been quick to adapt to a changing market. more2 are excited to work with Freddie’s Flowers to support the team and help create a full marketing eco-system that will grow with them as the business moves into its next phase and beyond.

‘Freddie’s Flowers is one of the most exciting brands we’ve had the pleasure to meet in recent years and we are truly delighted to be working with their talented team,’ said Kevin McSpadden, CEO and founder of more2. ‘They’ve created a really great product which their customers love and we’re looking forward to helping them harness their incredible success to scale into the future.’

‘The last year has seen incredible growth at Freddie’s Flowers and with so many more customers comes even more opportunity,’ said Ollie Delevingne, Marketing Director of Freddie’s Flowers. ‘With more2 and their undeniable track record, we’re so excited to see what more we can learn and what more we can do with their laser focus and strategic approach behind us.’


About Freddie’s Flowers

With weekly deliveries of seasonal arrangements brought to your door by electric bike or van, Freddie’s Flowers started with the mission to ‘deliver flowers to people and create joy’. Now with a 150-strong team, that mission remains the same and is coupled with superb eco credentials and a genuine love of flowers, colours and all things seasonal.


About more2

We work with over 120 brands to provide confidence in their marketing strategy and accountability in its delivery. Our client directors are industry veterans, trusted mentors and expert advisors all rolled into one. Our technical delivery teams specialise in applying customer data to drive sustained revenue growth for retailers, ecommerce and any business selling direct to their customers.

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