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Profit Growth & Premiumisation for Whittard

Established in 1886, Whittard were a traditional tea and coffee brand, looking to reinvent themselves when we started working together. Across all channels and marketing activity, we gave Whittard actionable insight about their customers and their behaviour. This enabled the business to make customer-focused decisions and enjoy a steady rise in spend per customer, fuelling sales growth of 30% over 3 years.

Today, Whittard are in a strong position, with greater ability to launch new customer-focused initiatives that have an immediate return on investment and keep customers engaged with the brand.


"We maximised customers' high lifetime value through effective communications – increasing multi-shopper conversion and the retention of lapsing customers."

How we helped Whittard:

  • Improve In-Store Data Capture: We helped them to improve their in-store customer data capture and insight, more than doubling their linkage rates.
  • Upselling: We maximised customers’ high lifetime value through effective communications – increasing multi-shopper conversion and the retention of lapsing customers.
  • Re-Orientate Brand to Premium Position: Understanding customers’ price sensitivity validated pricing and promotional strategies, enabling Whittard to drive brand premiumisation.
  • Identifying Best Customer: We quickly validated the impact of new initiatives on different customers. E.g. identifying that gifters spent more, we built a communications programme for gifts, and after us proving that takeaway hot drinks increased frequency and spend of their best customers, Whittard confidently rolled this out into more stores.
  • Helped Launch Product Sampling: We helped Whittard to launch a product sampling programme, after proving its incremental profitability.

Increase in retail sales


Increase in online sales growth over 3 years


Retail sales growing at 7x market rate

The Results

8% inc. in Retail Sales: Within the last year, retail sales increased by 8% – much higher than the retail market.

30% Inc. Online: Achieved 30% online sales growth in the past 3 years.

Inc AOV: To address low direct average order values, we showed Whittard how to boost profit by reducing online promotions and delivering store-focused initiatives to boost footfall and sales.

Efficient Marketing Spend with Increased Acquisition: By proving the lifetime value of customers acquired by different channels, and setting a reasonable cost of acquisition, we optimised their marketing spend and helped Whittard to acquire more customers.

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