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Customer-centric approach for L'Oréal

Established in 1909, L’Oréal is the world’s largest cosmetics company, selling a wide range of products across the globe. However, their UK marketing team had limited expertise in leveraging data to become more customer-centric.

The UK business wanted us to help them to transform their approach, using data to drive their marketing, predict customer behaviour, increase customer value, and improve customer experience and satisfaction.


"We developed and implemented data-driven customer life-cycle management communications."

How we helped L’Oréal:

  • Customer lifecycle management: We developed and implemented data-driven customer life-cycle management communications. Initially, they ran 2 email programmes – Welcome and Win-back – for all brands. We extended them to 6 programmes – Prospect conversion/ Welcome, Nursery, Retention, VIP, Lapsing, and Win-back.
  • Measurement and Optimisation: We measured the effectiveness of their CRM programme and optimised touch points, channel, frequency, offers and content.
  • Reporting: We developed and delivered standardised, automatable monthly reports for all 13 brands, providing insight into their customer base and how it changes, over time.

Increase in online revenue


Increase in average order value


Increase in order frequency

The results

Increased contacts: Through implementing data capture campaigns and subscription pop-ups onsite, we grew their total database by >1m in the first 12 months and increased the number of contactable customers by 10%.

Increased retention: We reversed the decline in customer retention rates.

Increased AOV and frequency: From being in decline for most brands, we increased the average order value and frequency, year on year, for all brands.

Increased revenue: by 30%.