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Marketing Efficiency with Hotter

An established brand, Hotter Shoes is the largest footwear manufacturer in the UK, creating quality, comfortable footwear and trading across the UK, EU and USA. They have a successful retail, catalogue and digital presence; a strong team and clear ambitions.

They are transitioning toward true omnichannel retailing and refreshing the brand to underline the core proposition. Their legacy systems and processes presented some difficulties and team changes had left operational challenges and knowledge gaps – but a strong customer database offered rich opportunities for leverage, through an up-to-date detailed approach.


"Hotter engaged with more2 in order to grow faster and to invest their marketing budget more efficiently."

Why they hired us…

To Grow More Efficiently: Hotter engaged with more2 in order to grow faster and to invest their marketing budget more efficiently.

Introduce Omni-Channel Approach: Although they had capability, they recognised that they needed to improve their data use, insight and executional expertise. They were keen to change from their existing siloed methods to a more cohesive, cross-channel approach, with robust customer-based planning and forecasting.

What we did for them…

Improved Mailing Selection: We assessed their mailing performance history and updated customer segmentation to deliver different mailing patterns by customer cohorts.

Cost Saving Mailing: We reduced mailing frequency to lower-responding customers, saving costs, and introduced cross-channel programmes to key segments.

Reforecasting: We examined forecasted trading expectations and identified areas to address – setting volume and cost targets for acquisition.

Data Driven Decisions: We created a bank of customer analysis and insight, as the foundation for decision-making and planning. This gives deeper understanding of customer behaviour across discounting, offer coding, channel interactions and return on investment.

Digital Support: We continue supporting Hotter in their digital transformation, ensuring cohesive data-driven communications.


£150k cost saving in first six months from non-performing activity.


6% incremental growth in the first 6 months.

The Results

Decrease Spend & Increased Customers: In the first six months, we saved a six-figure marketing cost and increased ordering customers by 6%.

Key Takeaways

  • £150k cost saving in first six months from non-performing activity.
  • Incremental 6% growth in first six months.
  • They gained a resource that delivers information to enable decisions on who to contact, when, and how much to spend, by customer type.

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