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growth in retail sales


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Established in 1886, Whittard were a traditional tea and coffee brand with a strong desire for reinvention and rejuvenation.

We give the Whittard of Chelsea team actionable insight into their customer behaviours, enabling customer-centric decision-making and fuelling a 30% growth in sales over 3 years.

whittard customer behaviour

In detail

Data capture

Improved in-store data capture by doubling linkage rates and enhancing insight


Reassessed pricing and promotional activities to drive brand premiumisation

Customer initiatives

Proved incremental impact of segmented customer initiatives to fuel growth

Product sampling

Supported sampling roll-out to drive footfall and increase average order value

Nurturing programmes

Developed nurturing and reactivation communications plans to reduce lapse rates

The Results

8% increase in retail sales: From 2019-2020, retail sales increased by 8% – much higher than the retail market rate.

30% increase in online growth: increased profit from new customer acquisition by building targeted, data-driven marketing campaigns to optimise spend.

Increased AOV: Boosted footfall, sales, and profit by reducing online discounts and delivering store-focussed initiatives.

whittard results

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