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Start-Rite is a quintessentially British high street brand.

Built on a wholesale distribution model, Start-Rite came to more2 to grow and scale their direct-to-consumer business quickly and profitably.

We help the team to set ambitious annual growth targets, create strategic digital campaigns, and optimise marketing spend to maximise profitability. 

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PPC optimisation

Driving annual revenue growth by 28% by increasing customer value and reducing recruitment cost

Holistic digital campaigns

Targeted, data-led digital campaigns drive overall revenue growth by 56%

Customer acquisition

Recruited 10,000 new customers annually at a historically low acquisition cost

Customer reactivation

Create data-driven programmes to reactivate lapsed customers

Robust forecasting

Data-driven forecasting drives all growth planning and aligns teams on key growth drivers

The Results

Digital growth: Drove online revenues by 37% 

PPC: Increased revenue by 28% for the same spend, significantly increasing customer value and reducing cost.

Profitable customer acquisition: Reduced cost per acquisition to £10 per new customer, dramatically improving profitability and unlocking growth

Facebook: Recruited 10,000 new customers in the first 12 months of working together, at a historically low cost

Increased repeat orders: Our data-driven reactivation programmes increased second-order rates by 36%.

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