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Our Story

For over 17 years we have been at the forefront of marketing science. Helping our clients make better decisions, run more successful campaigns, invest wisely and predict the future.

"We are led by a team of forward-thinking, experienced ex-Marketing Directors, enabling our clients to thrive in today’s new digital age."

Our vision was, and has always been, to empower incredible brands to compete with the best in the world to achieve their potential. Our passion is focussed on levelling the playing field – ensuring that, no matter the size of their business, we give our clients an unfair advantage. We enable our clients with unrivaled marketing science, sharing the experience of seasoned professionals and practitioners to deliver fantastic operational capability. We help our clients realise and exceed their full business potential.

17 years on and our core principles remain the same. From understanding our clients’ customer economics to delivering best-in-class campaign performance, sales forecasting and robust customer-centric measurement, we are led by a team of forward-thinking, experienced ex-Marketing Directors who enable our clients to thrive in today’s new digital age.

Our motivation is driven by the personal excitement we get in seeing our clients grow and partnering with them every step of the way. Working hand in hand, sharing our science, experience and operational expertise along the way.

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  • 17+ years


  • 160+ strong


  • 340+ projects


“I quit my job as Marketing Director within a large global retailer to set up more2. more2 was based on a simple idea: to create a business that I would like to work with as a client. A business I would miss if I wasn’t working with them.”  Kevin McSpadden – CEO
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