Celebrating Pride Month

June 27, 2021 Lizzie Sheppard

Happy Pride!

We are proud to be celebrating our LGBTQ+ employees, partners and friends this month. At more2, we are committed to diversity, inclusion and equality and we honour this commitment through our workplace values, our policies and our actions. It is very important to us that our LGBTQ+ employees are not discriminated against and that we foster a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves.

As part of marking Pride month, we had a great evening trying our hands at tie-dying t-shirts, bags, and other items in the colours of the Pride rainbow. We will be sporting our finished pieces on a day we’ll dedicate to wearing the Pride colours across the business.


more2 pride 2021


The Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Team

As part of our mission to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion within the workplace, we have formed an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team.

This team is made up of employees who are passionate about this cause and are dedicated to enacting real and positive change. We recognise that there is more to be done but the team have implemented several initiatives to date:

  • Taken actions to eliminate bias during the recruitment process
  • Introduced reporting capability so that we can identify and eradicate bias within the workplace
  • Expanded our company holiday calendar to increase employees’ sense of belonging
  • Set up events and initiatives to celebrate inclusion, such as a Pride celebration this month
  • Created a forum to give opportunity for conversation around important events and initiatives
  • Introduced a new employee assistance platform focusing on wellbeing and mental health

Although we have made company-wide changes to reflect our stance, our journey is just beginning and we look forward to continuing to pave the way for an equal, inclusive and diverse workforce.


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