Every business and every brand has a story. This is ours.

“In 2002, I quit my job as European Marketing Director of a ~£400m retailer to set up more2. more2 was based on a simple idea. To create a business that I would like to work with as a client. A business I would miss if I wasn’t working with them.

more2 was never about being the biggest but always about being the best at what we do. A business that genuinely made an impact on our clients' business.

And a business that cared.

Having never worked in an agency or consultancy, we never knew the “rules” and perhaps this was our greatest strength. Ignorance.

We simply did what made sense to us as marketers.

We treated our clients how we would want to be treated.

Focussed on what really mattered.

Told clients what they needed to hear and not just what they wanted to hear.

Above all else, we always recognised talk was cheap if it did not result in action. We spent more time working on executing the change than we did talking about it.

To do this, it meant we had to work and be paid as if we were staff. A flat monthly fee, with no upside for more2. No sales targets for our staff. Engendering total trust from our clients.

100% focus on delivering great work.

We believed great work would lead to clients telling others - which they did. No marketing budget, and until recently, just one person in sales.

And just like you, we have built our business one client at a time.

One promise at a time.

A promise we never forget. To help you grow your business. To be honest. To care. To challenge. To bring innovative thinking and solutions. To have fun along the way.

Much has happened over the past 15 years or so. I’d like to think we are better, not just bigger.

Better technology, better methodologies and better thinking. All focussed on ensuring our clients have the tools and capabilities to be as good as the best in the world, irrespective of size.

Better team. A team I am proud of. Attracted to more2 by the clients we work with, the work we do and the opportunity to make a genuine difference. A track record of success.

What hasn’t changed are our values and beliefs. Our DNA. How we behave. What motivates us. Our purpose.

And over the years, we have recognised we are not for “everyone”.

We are for the business who is truly passionate about their brand; their products; their customers.

For the business never satisfied with “OK”.

For the business who embraces external challenge and support. Not scared to change.

The business who wants to be better. Much better.

If that sounds like you, you may well have found your perfect soul mate.

There it is - our story.

Kevin McSpadden, Founder & CEO

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