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Business Growth with Nkuku

Nkuku built a small but successful artisan home product business with 1,500 independent retail stockists. The owners knew they had unique products with strong consumer demand, but were unable to find the right way to drive traffic to their B2C website.

Their existing wholesale marketing team were not B2C experts, and the business had no knowledge of customer volumes or behaviours. Although they had tested online marketing, it was without prior experience and with only small budgets. They had never tested catalogue marketing before.

more2 have partnered with Nkuku over the last 3 years, giving support and expertise to profitably recruit new customers at scale, growing the business by a factor of 5. We are now central to their decision-making process, and are a vital and established part of their team and growth effort.


"Nkuku wanted more2’s expertise to generate growth more quickly than they could do in-house."

Why they hired us…

To recommend the most effective and scalable new customer sources and create a marketing plan with targets for each source, based on affordable recruitment costs.

Develop Online Business: Nkuku hired us to grow develop and grow their online business.

Added Expert Bandwidth – Save Time and Money: Nkuku wanted more2’s expertise to generate growth more quickly than they could do in-house.

What we did for them…

Trusted Forecasting: We created customer spend and volume forecasts from their data and by benchmarking similar companies, then helped them to set business revenue objectives.

Identify Key Areas: We identified the important factors that make a catalogue most effective.

Strategy: We managed/executed their cold list and social media investment and recommended partners to work on other channels.

Increased Retention: We demonstrated improved customer retention, through better email and housefile mailings.

Analysis and Reporting: We measured, reviewed and refined their customer marketing activity through detailed reporting, analysis and insight.


Their direct business grew 5 fold between 2016 and 2019


60% incremental customer spend increase


35% increase in AOV

The Results

Grew Direct to Customer: Their direct business grew 5 fold between 2016 and 2019.

Grew Acquisition: We increased new customers by a factor of 5 too.

Increase in Incremental Spend: 12-month incremental customer spend improved by 60%

Increased AOV: We grew Average Order Value by over 35%.


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