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transformation with

The difference we make



growth in direct sales


increase in customer spend


higher average order value

Why more2?

Nkuku wanted more2’s expertise to generate growth more quickly than they could alone.

The team knew they had unique products with strong consumer demand but were unable to find the right way to market directly to their customers

We help Nkuku to recruit customers at scale, growing the business by a factor of 5. We give them the clarity they need to make big decisions and help them to build data-driven growth strategies, aligning the entire team on the same critical KPIs.


What we do

Strategic growth planning

Set revenue targets using customer data and industry benchmarking

Growth strategies

Develp and execute holistic marketing strategies to deliver sustainable growth

Proved mailing efficacy

Acquire profitable new customers by testing and proving cold mailing strategies

Customer retention

Optimising email and housefile mailing campaigns to increase retention rates

Analysis and reporting

Measure and demonstrate incremental marketing impact

The results

Forecasting: Robust data-driven forecasting gives the team confidence and clarity on future performance and investment decisions.

Direct-to-consumer growth: Nkuku has strong direct relationships with direct customers and is less reliant on wholesale distribution.

New customers: Cold mailings continue to recruit profitable new customers. 

Incrementality: Marketing campaigns deliver 60% incremental returns and provide solid foundations for revenue forecasting.


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